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Georgia School Assessment on Performance Standards (GSAPS)

Monroe County Schools uses the GSAPS (Georgia School Assessment on Performance Standards) Rubric to monitor the implementation of the Monroe County Board of Education priorities, standards-based instructional practices, and system and school initiatives.  The GSAPS reviews involve multiple sources of data collection in the form of surveys, classroom observations, and school documentation reviews (data rooms and other sources of student achievement data).  This is in an effort to ensure the team is not basing decisions on perception but on real data sources to remain objective.

Using the data collected, GSAPS Review Teams assess the level of implementation for each school on eight different strands known as Georgia School Performance Standards.  The strands are intended to serve as descriptors of effective, high impact practices for schools which should improve school culture, school climate, standards-based instruction, and more importantly, student achievement.  The eight areas are:

  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Leadership
  • Planning and Organization
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • School Culture

There are 48 standards for the eight strands.  Each of the standards is marked on a continuum of Exemplary, Operational, Emerging, or Not Evident.

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