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Strategic Objectives and System Areas of Focus

Pyramid for Student Success

System Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective l- Attaining High Student Achievement & Success 
Strategic Objective ll - Developing Organizational Effectiveness 
Strategic Objective lll - Ensuring Student/Stakeholder Engagement & Loyalty 
Strategic Objective lV - Ensuring High Quality Professional Learning 


2016-2017 Board Priorities

1. Increase the use of student use of technology during classroom instruction. {SO l} 
2. Closing the Achievement Gap Among Subgroups {SO l} 
3. Increasing the Level of Safety & Improving the Perception of Safety {SO ll, lll} 
4. Parent Training {SO lll, lV}


2016-2017 System Areas of Focus

1. Improving Student Achievement {SO I, III, IV} 
    a. Response to Intervention (RTI) - Tiered Interventions for Individual Student Success 
    b. Balanced Assessment Practices 
    c. Closing the Achievement Gap (K-12 All Subjects/All Subgroups) 
2. Effective Evaluation System: State and Locally Developed Evaluation Tools {SO II, IV} 
3. Comprehensive Professional Learning on Interpretation and Use of Data {SO l, lV}


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