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Parent and Family Engagement

Monroe County Schools values parent and family engagement.

Sandy Colwell, Director of Assessment, CTAE, and Federal Programs


Ginger Maddox, Parent & Family Engagement Specialist

Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School

T.G. Scott Elementary School


Brandi Pye, Parent & Family Engagement Specialist

Katherine B. Sutton Elementary School

Monroe County Middle School



During the past General Assembly, the population of those considered mandated reporters of child abuse expanded to include volunteers of services such as Care Treatment, Education, Training, Supervision, Coaching, Counseling, Recreational programs, and Shelters. {OCGA 19-7-5}

School volunteers fall into this expanded population and now are mandated reporters of child abuse in Georgia.   All school volunteers must complete a Child Abuse Mandated Reporting Protocol training PRIOR to beginning any volunteer work.  Examples of volunteering include, but are not limited to, individuals who chaperone school field trips, act as Room Parents, volunteer with PTO, visit or assist in classrooms, serve as mentors or help with extra-curricular activities.

Monroe County Schools is offering the mandatory training online through a special video accessible on our websites under Parents/Volunteers. Volunteers have the option of viewing the video online at home and then submitting the Volunteer Child Abuse Training Completion Form and Volunteer Safety Information Form to the school PRIOR to the scheduled activity/event. Parents also have the option of scheduling a time to view the training video and complete the paperwork at a designated school. Please be advised that these forms become the property of Monroe County Schools.

 Click here to complete the Monroe County School Volunteer Training.

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