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Folder Basic Information (4 Files)
Download Cloud Storage
Download Data Storage
Download Save Your Favorite Websites
Download Technology in Monroe County Schools
Folder 21st Century Skills Lesson Plans (1 Files)
Download 21st Century Skills Lesson Plans
Folder AESOP Directions (1 Files)
Download AESOP Directions
Folder Best Practices of SLDS (1 Files)
Download Best Practices of SLDS
Folder Chromebook Tips and Tricks (1 Files)
Download Chromebook Tips and Tricks
Folder Class Dojo (41 Files)
Download Bathroom Pass
Download Certificate
Download Class Dojo Students
Download ClassDojo Letter Home Spanish
Download ClassDojo Letter Home Spanish
Download ClassDojo Parent Letter
Download ClassDojo Parent Letter
Download ClassDojo Presentation
Download ClassDojo-Flier1Page
Download ClassDojo-Flier2Page
Download ClassDojo-Poster
Download Hall pass
Download Mojo - Painting and in love
Download Poster Creativity
Download Poster - ClassDojo logo
Download Poster - ClassDojo logo 2
Download Poster - Classroom decoration contest
Download Poster - Helping others
Download Poster - Mojo
Download Poster - Mojo and friends
Download Poster - Monstermania
Download Poster - On task
Download Poster - Participation
Download Poster - Persistence
Download Poster - Random avatars
Download Poster - Random avatars 2
Download Poster - Random avatars 3
Download Poster - Random avatars 4
Download Poster - Random avatars 5
Download Poster - Random avatars 6
Download Poster - Room for message
Download Poster - Student creativity
Download Poster - Student presentation
Download Poster - Students creating an avatar
Download Poster - Teacher appreciation
Download Poster - Teamwork
Download Poster - The teacher is in
Download Poster - VIP
Download Poster - Welcome back 1
Download Poster - Welcome back 2
Download Stationary
Folder Front Row (3 Files)
Download Front Row Education
Download Front Row FAQ
Download Principal Reports
Folder Laptop Care (1 Files)
Download Laptop Care
Folder Online Assessment System (OAS) (11 Files)
Download How to log into OAS and check Class Roster
Download Introduction to the OAS Homepage
Download Reports and Data
Download Student Checklist for ELA
Download Student Checklist for Math
Sub Folder Creating and Scoring tests with Open Ended Questions (6 Files)
Download About the Formative Assessment Items - Level 2.pdf
Download Directions to create and to score an OAS test with open ended questions
Download Example of a Math Test
Download Example of an ELA test
Download Student Self-check List for Math.pdf
Download Student Self-Checklist for ELA.pdf
Folder Remind101 (3 Files)
Download Remind101 Suggestions and Best Practices
Download What is Remind101
Download What makes Remind101 Safe
Folder Resources (3 Files)
Download ISTE Website Resources
Download Research Website Resources from ISTE
Download STEM Resources
Folder SLDS Training Guides (0 Files)
Folder SLDS Teacher Dashboard Train-the-Trainer Guide (1 Files)
Download SLDS Train the Trainer
Folder Socrative User Guide (1 Files)
Download Socrative User Guide
Folder Teacher User Guide (1 Files)
Download Teacher User Guide
Folder TurningPoint Student Response Clickers (1 Files)
Download Step-by-Step Directions
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“An Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”
The Monroe County School System does not discriminate against persons on the basis of age, race, color, national origin,
gender, disability, religion, marital status, veteran status, sex, genetic information or political affiliation.